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2023 Official Film Selections

The 2023 Macabre Faire Film Festival is proud to present this year’s Official Selections, screening Sept. 28 - Oct. 1 at the Capitol Theatre in Lebanon TN!

Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and their teams who put their hearts and passion into creating such wonderful films for attendees to enjoy. It is our pleasure to have a venue such as the Capitol to show off your work.

We also wanted to thank and mention that those films that were not selected also put in great work and had exceptional films to show for their efforts too. However, we simply cannot select and show every film submitted and the judging task is not an easy one.

If you would like to come and support a film, or just love great indie cinema, we encourage you to take advantage of our Advanced Tickets opportunity currently available under "Tickets" on the main menu above.

A Celebration of Independent Films!
Feature Films
Art Calloway.jpg
Art Calloway's Final Concept Album
Liz is a struggling actor living in Brooklyn. When she learns that her famous, reclusive, singer-songwriter uncle committed suicide and that she and her brother are the primary beneficiaries in his will, she decides to leave the city and move into his house in upstate New York. Once there, she explores her uncle's history and the ghosts, real and metaphorical, that may have been haunting him.
Emily is a woman with a dark secret that has plagued her since birth and she has been ostracized for it. When she meets Victor, she falls in love and is desperate to hide it from him so he doesn’t abandon her as well. As he restores her hope and is a beacon of light, will the curse she carries ultimately cost him his life?
As the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, the past rises from the dead to claim its revenge. A year after surviving a brutal attack, a social media influencer and her friends find themselves once again in the crosshairs of a dangerous and relentless dark web cult, thirsting for retribution and willing to stop at nothing to get it.
Ghosts of the Void.jpeg
Ghosts of The Void
Spending the night in her car, a newly-homeless woman wrestles with exhaustion, her crumbling marriage, and the threat of mysterious, masked strangers.
LadyKiller TV.jpeg
LadyKiller TV
Parody of classic horror. A couple go to a cabin for the weekend. When a TV starts playing crazy, horror parodies, strange occurrences start happening.
Please Respond
Two detectives begin investigating a series of teen suicides that unravel into a chilling discovery.
The Harrisville Haunting.jpeg
The Harrisville Haunting: The Real Conjuring House
Four paranormal researchers and YouTubers document the paranormal claims of the former Arnold family farmhouse built in 1736. Now known as the Harrisville Farmhouse and the inspiration for the well known movie "The Conjuring". Are the extreme Paranormal claims from the film real? Come along with researchers Matt Benton, Joe Vitale, Bill Cook, and Eric Conner as they delve into this mysterious haunting and share their incredible findings and evidence.
The Pumpkin Man.jpeg
The Pumpkin Man
Cromwell is a town whose history is intertwined with that of a local legend; The Pumpkin Man. Most people don't believe the tales, but when Catherine Quinn discovers the missing piece of the legend, she and her friends will come face to face with the Demon of Fall... Kürbis.
The Untelling.jpeg
The Untelling
A young man encounters a mysterious presence during his stay at his recently deceased grandfather's house.
Short Films
A doctor running a Women's Behavioral Center struggles to keep her patient stable when her own mental well-being begins to deteriorate, or does it? This psychological thriller keeps you guessing in the mind of Olivia West.
A Guest For Dinner.jpeg
A Guest For Dinner
Far from home, injured, and alone, Ruth finds herself in the company of an quirky woman. A Necronomicon? The whispers of lost souls? Will Ruth escape the clutches of the old crone?
A Psychogeography of Mourning
A Psychogeography of Mourning uses static imagery and unpredictable sound to reconcile the contradictory interior and exterior experiences grief elicits.
When a sinister entity emerges from the forest on a 1970s Halloween night, a young woman's true motives are revealed - and her future is decided forever.
Batshit Crazy.jpeg
Batshit Crazy
A young man from the North Eastern India is ambushed by a bunch of racist junkies, with both parties ending up getting more than they bargained for. Batshit Crazy is based on a story by Andhadun Co-writer Arijit Biswas with Telugu dialogues by filmmaker Venkat Ramji and directed by Yogesh Chandekar (writer of Andhadhun and Monica, O my darling)
Broken Wings.jpeg
Broken Wings
A psychiatrist and his patient have a deep conversation about the philosophy of good and evil and the remote possibility of the existence of God. The dark past of the patient emerges, testing the very reality of the conversation.
Chocolate Montsers.jpeg
Chocolate Monsters 2 (Baseball)
After traveling beautiful country roads on their Harley-Davidson, Roxy and Bill, a couple living somewhere in North America find themselves on a baseball field to get ready to play. Throughout the game they talk about a subject concerning the reptilians, convinced that they are the ones who govern the world. When it's Bill's turn to pick up the baseball bat, he hits so hard, the ball goes somewhere in the nearby forest. Roxy and Bill are going to look for the lost ball in this immense forest, but they are not at the end of their surprises during their progress...
After being attacked one night, Diana believes that something must change and decides to do her justice. This is why she names herself "Dana", meaning "the one who does justice" 
In a last-ditch effort to find a girlfriend, socially inept Sean (Manny De León) hires pretentious playboy Kenny (Devon Suboreau) for a perverted pick-up session at the local dive. After a shot or two, they feast their eyes on the stunning Caroline (Ducky Suboreau) and select her as their target. With the assistance of clandestine technology, Sean secretly gets a first-person-view of Kenny's every move on Caroline, eventually leading him to follow the flirtatious pair to Caroline’s colorful home. There, Caroline treats Kenny to a ritual she's perfected over many years - an activity neither man expects. Danny is a short film that explores the predatory tendencies of the human psyche, the scars that tragedy creates, and will leave you intrigued, disgusted, shocked, and satisfied.
Dementia 29.jpeg
Dementia 29
A young woman uses her psychic powers to make a living.
Marina hires the services of Soul Data, a company that creates digital consciousness through data generated in life, to claim her deceased father for his part of the inheritance until she comes across new secrets.
A man digs own his destiny in the middle of the desert.
Docents Poster Small.png
Set at the intersection of historical reenactment and modern day. Docents explores the everyday world of the south through the lenses of historical actors employed at Andrew Jacksons "The Hermitage" located in Nashville, Tennessee. A community in which the atrocities of the past have been ignored, Docents is an indulgent dark comedic glimpse into America's lineage, the ideas surrounding cultural morality, identity, and classism.
Dont Lose Faith.jpeg
Don't Lose Faith
During her freshman year in college a young Latina woman faces a crisis of faith and explores an alternate religion on Halloween. This is the first film co-produced by Alverno College's Creative Arts in Practice major. Alverno is the most diverse 4-year college in the state of Wisconsin, and the college is an official Hispanic Serving Institution. Students made up most of the cast and crew.
A couple struggles to make sense of the past, and their vastly different versions of the bizarre event that made their relationship spin out of control.
Escape a Ghost Stroy.jpeg
Escape: A Ghost Story
A group of escape room employees must face their fears and overcome a series of murderous puzzles set by a malicious ghost who has haunts the building, or face the dire consequences.
A young girl is trapped in the shadow lands by a mirror monster.
A mysterious woman appears at a young father's home seeking recompense for a long-buried transgression. But she doesn't want money—she wants one of his fingers.
A survivor of a cult is interrogated by a determined detective to understand the disturbing mindset of the cult's activities and its evil leader.
Greed and Gore.jpeg
Greed and Gore

Five criminals pick the wrong safe house to lay low after robbing a bank.

Synopsis expanded: After a bank robbery doesn’t go exactly as planned, a crew of five pick a last minute safehouse to lay low with their take and a hostage. But the safehouse isn’t so safe… Greed & Gore, a film by Adam Kirkey, is a mash of horror and thriller, with practical effects that will please all genre fans. It stars Julie Mainville (Butchers, The Good Doctor), Krishan Dutt (The Boys), Matthew Bell (Curse of the Anti-Quenched), Monica Zelak (Curse of the Anti-Quenched, Chronicles of Blood, The Enigma), and breakout stars Curt Derosier and Nick Dewolfe. 

Gulabo Rani.jpeg
Gulabo Rani
A young boy, Akhtar, is accepted into a 150 year old university and due to an administrative fluke, he finds himself housed in the dilapidated "Wing C" of the dorms. During his initial interactions with students, he becomes aware of the stories of haunting and despair that are associated with the long abandoned wing. Not believing in the paranormal, he is intially unbothered by the increasingly strange occurences that start to take place around him but later on is forced to doubt his convictions. Akhtar also becomes the target of mockery, ridicule and bullying by some of his peers, adding to his psychological distress. Tormented and alone, he finds himself face to face with a horror far greater than he could have ever imagined.
Heist Night.jpeg
Heist Night
Three guys rob the wrong house!
High Fun.jpeg
High Fun
Plagued by depression and loneliness, a desperate young man seeks the one vice that may not solve all his problems but can at least numb or distract him for a while. Set against the background of the death of an Indian film star due to drug overdose and the following moral policing on national news during the peak of covid19 in India, High Fun (commonly known as 'Party and Play' or 'Chemsex' in the west) is a queer-themed horror film about living with your demons.
Laura needs to feed on blood everyday to survive. But when her parents can no longer provide her food, they find themself in a situation where they’ll have to face the danger she represents and choose between her and them...
An elderly blind woman is unaware of the stranger secretly living in her home.
Two daring teenagers follow a naked young woman seen on the edge of a forest. An adventure that will forever change their lives.
During a trip to Poland, two young American influencers are sent by their employer to photograph an old uninhabited mansion resembling a haunted house deep in the forest. Inside the mansion, the two young girls are confronted by some very strange phenomena...
Men in Cars.jpeg
Men in Cars
A teenage girl in Texas finds the object of her desire and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it as she becomes the subject of a bloody Bayou City True Crime podcast. 
Special Notes: 
There is a false ending at 7 minutes and you need to let it play another 20 seconds. 
We have both a 4K and 4K with subtitles versions of the film available for download for your festival. 
Our lead actress is only 16 and can receive acting awards for child/young actress.
A Man's commitment to his job takes a dark and surreal turn for the worst.
A storie between two realities, a ruthless killer (Julio Ramírez), living in a videoclip where he tortures his victims while he sings. Gabriela (Marta Rito), the victim who is smartest than him but not enough. And Reyes (Alicia Ballesteros), the police woman that will find the key to solve this. Three stories that will grow giving to a mystery where the differences between the murderer and his victims will be difficult to tell apart.
A beauty vlogger posts a scathing review about a local nail salon and receives a free manicure as an apology, but she soon realizes there is still a price to be paid.
One Good Night.jpeg
One Good Night
Tony has struck gold at the club tonight. He’s hit it off with a girl out of his league, and she’s invited him over to hers. Things look too good to be true, but Tony’s always up for a wonderful adventure.
Or Na Banriona.jpeg
Ór na Banríona (The Queens Gold)
Ireland 1650 and a squad of English soldiers search for a 
legendary fairy treasure deep within a forest. But when they 
find this legendary treasure will it bring them all that 
they desire or will its owner want it back?
PADLOCK: A New Age For Everything
What would happen if you could send it all to hell and make humanity reset almost completely? What would happen if someone did? What would happen if someone had already done it? There are some things we can't control... but there are others, we can. 
A merciless outlaw discovers blood money has its own price as he comes face to face with a supernatural vigilante.
After discovering her boyfriend’s plan to propose on their weekend vacation, a young girl undergoes a crisis of commitment which attracts the attention of a sinister local cult.
When Jonas visits his father after a long time, he's shocked to find him in a confused state. Has his father's mental state badly deteriorated or is something more sinister going on?
Silencing the Madness.jpeg
Silencing The Madness
A man suffers from nightmarish visions of a relentless pursuer. As the visions grow more intense he falls deeper into Madness.
Watch Trailer
James' dull daily routine is disrupted by a strange apparition that begins to haunt him in his waking moments and dreams alike. Suspecting who might be behind these disturbances, James sets out to confront the culprit.
All That You Love.jpeg
Stephen King's: All That You Love Will Be Carried Away
Based on the Stephen King short story: A middle-aged traveling salesman contemplates his life choices at a a shitty motel in Nebraska.
After his mother’s untimely death, Oliver and his father try to live their lives as best they can. When Dad gets Oliver a used car for his birthday, cleaning out the garage leads to the discovery of something sinister his Mom left behind.
The Dark Odyssey.jpeg
The Dark Odyssey 2 - Ice Nexus
A skeptical astronaut discovers a lost spaceship and gets tangled up in a dangerous journey to a mythical space-time portal, the Ice Nexus, in search of the Inventory of the Mind, essential knowledge for ending the Eternal War.
The Keys.jpeg
The Keys
Los Angeles, 1949: Young realtor Rupert steals a prime estate listing, only to discover unsettling secrets about its tenants, questioning the true price of his ambition.
The Masterpiece
The music video director receives a high-budget proposal from a mysterious artist. 
When the director visits his studio in the woods, a strange big guy who introduces himself a choreographer, musician, and performance-r, welcomes and asks him to appreciate his pieces of work. 
The director is forced to be a critic of his works, but the big guy turns him down impolitely and justifies himself with excuses. The meeting breaks down when the big guy finally makes an unrealistically low offer. 
When the director decides to leave, the big guy stops him to show the masterpiece of life.
The Missing Cow.jpeg
The Missing Cow

During the peak of lockdown of 2020 in the absence of any transportation or government assistance, millions of migrant workers in India walked back from the big cities where they worked to their respective villages, crossing thousands of miles across the country on foot.

The mother of one such young migrant labourer awaits his return while searching for their lost cow in a mysterious forest that knows way more than she does. 

Based on a true incident, The Missing Cow is a moody horror piece written and directed by Bhaskar Hazarika (Aamis/Ravening, Kothanodi) featuring Lima Das as the protagonist.

The Pit.jpeg
The Pit
Two woman connect over the magic and mystery of a bottomless pit in this short folk horror film allegorizing the terrors of poverty in America.
The Return.jpeg
The Return
"After you have been to hell, you just want to go home." 
The Return is a short historical action drama that takes place 1000 years ago with a very diverse band of young warriors - men and women - arrogantly and naively sailing off to war. Expecting a victorious return in a few weeks, the few remaining warriors limp back home after three years of hell. Fearful of what they will find, they experience a very emotional reunion with loved ones, with tears of joy for the living, and cries of sadness for the dead. Their leader, Erik, searches for his bride and finds a shocking surprise. 
The Rider.jpeg
The Rider
In this cyberpunk world, a hitman known as The Rider roams a decayed and toxic city, avoiding execution by rival gangs. He journeys into the near-forgotten natural world one last time as he faces off against a killer who gave up their name for a number.
The Witch on Bridge Street.jpeg
The Witch on Bridge Street
A tourist tries to hook up with a real Salem witch.
Tric R Teeth.jpeg
Trick R' Teeth
A dentist and his least favorite holiday... 🎃 🦷 
Viscious Circle.jpeg
Vicious Circle
Fang-Yu is an editor who works in a Multi-Channel Network, she’s a misfit in the office and doesn’t earned recognition for her work performance. One day, after getting scolded by the boss and being pranked by her colleague, Fang-Yu came to her psychiatrist for help again. The psychiatrist tried an experimental treatment on her. 
Fang-Yu’s life getting better after receiving the new treatment, but unfortunately, it caused the unexpected consequences…
Vivian, a 20 year old black girl adopted by a white family, is experiencing vivid nightmares of her family assaulting and eating her. If she can’t determine where the dreams end and reality begins, she may never wake up again.
Wicked Image.jpeg
Wicked Image
Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil meet with a corporate PR agent to rehabilitate their images — which includes reminding the world that they're women. However, they quickly discover that the PR agent is more evil than they are.
Super Shorts/Music Videos
Camp Riley.jpeg
Camp Ripley
Two counselors spending their summer at Camp Ripley find that a local urban legend might be more real than they thought.
Pumpkin Boy.jpeg
Pumpkin Boy
This Halloween... he's born.
During his weekend cabin getaway to find solitude, Brett finds himself at odds with an obnoxious neighbor that won't seem to give him peace. As the getaway progresses, Brett becomes less stable and begins to have certain diabolical thoughts about achieving the peace he so desperately seeks.
Lead virologist Edward Bellows plays tête-a-tête with hard-hitting journalist Grace Baxter as the world collapses under the weight of a global pandemic. She holds nothing back as she fires question after question, seeking answers from the beleaguered professor. Meanwhile, Britt and Marnie, college roommates being forced to live together, must deal with their newfound realities of this global pandemic. And, a couple Matt and Cathy, stuck in lockdown and separated between continents, spend some belated quality time via webcam toasting to foreign brandy and reminiscing on the past.
Still Up There.jpeg
Still Up There
A mortally wounded Astronaut awakens in the upper atmosphere after a catastrophic event. He struggles to remember how he got there and latches himself on to the only familiar thing to him, his own severed arm.
The master.jpeg
The Master
A deeply disturbed young woman is torn between fervor and remorse in the aftermath of the execution of her licentious, dark desires.
A clock is a powerful tool, especially when you turn back the hands of time. A man gets the chance of a life time when his old Grandfather clock stops ticking.
Doting parents teach their young daughter the family Halloween tradition.

Shot on a single roll of super 8mm.

A band of clout chasing criminals document their escapades in hopes of becoming an internet sensation. 

When an armed robbery ends with a death of a companion the gang heads back to their abandoned ferry hideout to say farewell and celebrate the footage they captured.

Student Short Films
A Lovely Death.jpeg
A Lovely Death
Lonely and longing for love, the Grim Reaper finds hope after saving an innocent girl from an abusive relationship.
Ancient Trap.jpeg
Ancient Trap
A man wakes up in a unknown place and he must figure out a series of riddles to find his way back home
Eternal Light.jpeg
Eternal Light
After the tragic loss of their son, Deuntay and Alex are overcome with grief. To combat it, they find an unusual way to get their son back that even they don't fully understand.
Three idiots lose a lighter.
No Good Deed.jpeg
No Good Deed
Inspired by real events, a homeless man named Simon wanders over to a parked car and accepts a bag filled from an anonymous man behind the wheel. Wandering away after the act of charity, Simon is tempted back by an opportunity at something that may change his downward spiral. All Simon has to complete, is one deed.
Rose and Gin.jpeg
Rose and Gin
In this fairy tale retelling two sisters seek a stolen treasure in exchange for an antidote after one is poisoned by their father.
Six Feet Above.jpeg
Six Feet Above
A gravestone cleaner contemplates life surrounded by death.
In the current age of #MeToo and questions about Coercive Control, STAY explores the power dynamic of Jim and Marcy's relationship through the lens of their breakup. The question is, who is breaking up with who, and where exactly in this process of breaking up have they got to.
Effects of Shadows on Your Eyes.jpeg
The Effects of Shadows on Your Eyes
Sofia is a perfectionist and obsessive young illustrator who suffers from a creative block. One night, she receives a letter with instructions for an occult path that leads her to a brutal choice.
The Milkman.jpeg
The Neighborhood Milkman

After the murder/suicide of his parents, a young boy grows up to be the Neighborhood Milkman, only to repeat the tragedy of his youth. 

FCT, a one-year certificate program designed to give students hands-on experience, allows its students to get that experience doing student-produced projects like “The Neighborhood Milkman.”

The Silhoutte.jpeg
The Silhouette

Mila is just your average college student, studying abroad for the semester in a beautiful new country. But little does she know, her trip is about to take a terrifying turn. Haunted by a traumatic experience from her past, Mila struggles to cope with the psychological aftermath. But her handsome boyfriend is there to support her, even as he battles his own demons. As Mila tries to settle into her new surroundings, she can't shake the feeling that someone, or something, is watching her. And when she stumbles upon a sinister figure dragging a limp body through an abandoned building, her worst fears are confirmed. With heart-stopping suspense and shocking violence, "The Silhouette" pays homage to the classic slasher and Giallo films of the 1970s. Will Mila be able to escape the clutches of this unknown predator, or will she fall victim to the same fate as the others? Find out in "The Silhouette".

The Visitors.jpeg
The Visitors

An old man living on his own begins to suspect that intruders are taking over his home.



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