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2023 Seminars & Panels

The Macabre Faire Film Festival believes that the films and filmmakers are the stars! That said, we shine the spotlight on industry members or other notable characters with value to offer. This year is no exception as we feature some entertaining and valuable Panels and Seminars!

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How to Crowdfund
Presented by Steve Merlo

Day and Time: TBA

"Crowdfund" verb - fund (a project or venture) by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the internet.

Steve Merlo is a Canadian Filmmaker/Musician from Kelowna British Columbia best known for the first ever feature length Texas Chain Saw Massacre fan film, The Sawyer Massacre. His short horror/thriller films Unseen and Disorder have been selected by numerous festivals and won several awards for best actor best use of music, best story and best short horror film. Unseen has been adapted into a feature length screenplay and is looking to film it in the near future. His first film was the low budget 30 minute short horror film "First Annual Barbecue" which is also a Texas Chainsaw Massacre fan film. In 2019, he re worked the script and began production for The Sawyer Massacre and has had great reviews. He took a left turn for his first feature film in post production called "Follow Your Heart" which is a Romance/Drama. He composed the score for all of his films and has done scores for other indie films.

Steve Merlo on IMDb

"Return to The Theatre of Terror"
Exclusive Screening and Seminar/Q&As hosted by Director Thomas Ryan

Screening: Friday 8:30PM

Seminar: Saturday 3:45PM

Following the Exclusive Screening of brand new Anthology "Return to the Theatre of Terror", Director Tom Ryan is hosting a Seminar/Q&A session for more insight into the production process, and insight from an industry leader!

Return to the Theatre of Terror on IMDb

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Meet The Filmmakers Panels

Most if not all filmmakers will get a chance to join together on stage to speak briefly about their selected films and other projects they are working on. This is an engaging Q&A session between filmmakers and audience members, while also breaking the ice for professional networking opportunities!

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