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Venue Location:

Clarion Hotel - 3845 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Reservations: 631-585-9500  Room Rate: $109/night til Dec. 28, '16


Our Mission

A judged film festival that provides a venue for showcasing your films within a celebratory & respectful environment, where fans can enjoy the independent films entered by those who passionately craft their Strange-ifical, Weird-ifical, Horror-ifical, Sci-fi-tastical, Fantastical and Macabre-licious films. The opportunity to win awards, increase film visibility via press and possibly obtain distribution is always part of the equation with the Macabre Faire Film Festival.

"Sundance with Fangs!" Newsday Entertainment Long Island 2016

Eileen Dietz

January 12-14, 2018

A Celebration Of Independent Films!

Bringing spirit to the world! Enter a realm of imagination where handcrafted items and curious finds engulf the spirit of Pirates on the High Seas to the adventurous times of Sherlock Holmes. Mix in mysteries of the universe while weaving in baubles from the roaring twenties. Are you ready for your journey? 

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BoroughCon’s mission is to provide a celebration of nerd culture to the underserved markets in greater New York. It will be an extravaganza for fans of anime, comics, video games, and fantasy/science fiction films and television. We are a professionally run, fan-centric, multi-media convention focused on sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music and film.

8000 Utopia Pkwy
Jamaica, New York

              Distribution Partners & Sponsors

Wild Eye Releasing, a growing leader in independent cinema since 2008, represents horror, exploitation, dark arthouse, cult and documentary films from around the world. It is our mission to bring new and talented filmmakers and their work to as large an audience as possible, creating both traditional and digital opportunities for lower budgeted films made outside the studio system. 

Wild Eye Releasing has stepped in as the distribution outlet for several Macabre Faire Film Festival screened titles such as: Casear & Otto's Deadly XMas, Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween, The Perfect House, Coyote, and more.  

Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z is a series of events held at the restaurant/lounge Cafe Z in Union, NJ.  The events are designed to showcase independent horror and exploitation films, and to bring together horror fans and filmmakers to view and discuss the films.  Submit your film today!