Best Film of 2015:
The Shower - Directed by Alex Drummond

Best Director of 2015:
Alex Drummond - The Shower

Best Cinematography of 2015:
Inner Land - Directed by Vivian Papageorgiou

Best Screenplay of 2015:
Bridge Escort-Modern Tale of Charon - Jesse Petrick

Best Sound of 2015:
Knock-Knock - Directed by Jeff Betancourt

Best Soundtrack of 2015:
The Uncles - Directed by Gerard Monaco

Best SPFX of 2015:
Greater Than - Directed by Darryl Shaw

Best Editing of 2015:
A Tricky Treat - Directed by Patricia Chica

Best Costumes of 2015:
The Silver Moonlight - Directed by Evgueni Mlodik

Best Production Design of 2015:
The Houses October Built - Bobby Roe

Best Ensemble of 2015:
The Shower - Directed by Alex Drummond

Best Visual Effects of 2015:
YouTupolis - Directed by Wojciech Lorenc & Valentina Trevino

Best Documentary of 2015:
The Bridgewater Triangle - Directed by AaronCadieux & Manny Famolare

Best Comedy of 2015:
Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween - Directed by David Campfield

Best Sci-Fi of 2015:
Painkiller - Directed by Jeremiah Kipp

Best Animation of 2015:
The Cold Heart - Directed by Hannes Rall

Best Foreign Film of 2015:
Alone on Board - Directed by Jean Francois Guay

Best Thriller of 2015:
A Dark Rome - Directed by Andres Rafael Zabala

Best Fantasy of 2015:
Ghost Dolls - Directed by Yuki Nishikata

Best Horror of 2015:
The First Step - Directed by Kate McMeans & Daniel Brown

Best Music Video of 2015:
Teddy - Directed by Bernie Rao

Best Actress of 2015:
Shannon Lark - I Am Monster - Directed by Shannon Lark & Lori Bowen

Best Supporting Actress of 2015:
Itzel Enciso - Patient 27 - Directed by Alejandro Alegre

Best Actor of 2015:
Thomas Ryan - Faces - Directed by Thomas Ryan

Best Supporting Actor of 2015:
Brice Fournier - Extreme Pinocchio - Directed by Pascal Chind

Honorable Mention of 2015:
The Detectives of Noir Town - Directed by Andrew Chambers

Winter MFFF 2016 Nominees & Winners!



Best Short: 

El Gigante - Gigi Saul Guerrero - Winner

Jack is Pretty


The Red Balloon

Junkie Heaven


Best Director: 

Teddy Cecil - Helio - Winner

Jarek Zabczynski – Jack is Pretty

Mark Blitch – The Red Balloon

Kalen Artinian – The Indestructible

Shannon Kohli & Michelle Brezinski – Madness

Steven Sage Goldberg – Junkie Heaven

Best Screenplay: 

Junkie Heaven - Lee Kolinsky - Winner

El Gigante






Best Cinematography: 

The Red Balloon - Mark Blitch - Winner


Jack is Pretty


Idiosynkrasia - Theodore Malakin

Behind the Bush - Benjamin Duplaix

Best Sound: 

Awaiting Lazarus - Orok Duke - Winner

End of Everything As You Knew It

The Call

The Indestructible


Behind the Bush - Suzon Michat & Jean-Baptiste Cornier

Best Editing:

The Red Balloon - Mark Blitch - Winner


The Minions


El Gigante

End of Everything As You Knew It

Best SPFX: 

El Gigante - Gigi Saul Guerrero - Winner

The Barber’s Cut - Tim Kirkby

Surgery - Cliff Wallace

Artichokes Piranha from the Prehistoric Abyss

Best Costumes: 

Madness - Michelle Brezinski & Shannon Kohli - Winner

Black Moon

In the Ruins

Crystal Crypt

End of Everything As You Knew It

El Gigante

Best Foreign Short: 

Super Misil - Javier Arcelus Cano - Winner

Another Man’s Teeth

Le Carnivore

The Call

Black Moon

Bright Future My Love

Best Actor: 

Joseph Halsey - Junkie Heaven - Winner

David Perez-Rebada – Rain

Fabien Oehl – Willa

Andrew Pimento – The Indestructible

David Eaton – Silken Luna

Christian Benedetti – The Call

Justin Berti – Shi

Best Supporting Actor: 

Leon Williams - Ties that Blind - Winner

Adam Lolacher – Mine

Timothy Shields – Dead Air

Johan Libereau – The Call

Daniel Arnold – Grace

Brice Fournier – Behind the Bush

Best Actress: 

Paula Spurr - Mine - Winner

Grace Powell – The Red Balloon

Alissa Featherolf – Crush

Jena Skodje – Grace

Kasey Lansdale – Postpartum

Racquel Simone – Wednesday’s Children: Christina

Best Supporting Actress: 

Caycee Black – Jimbo - Winner

Karoline Schuch – Willa

Nicole Vogt-Lowell – Junkie Heaven

Tiffany Shepis – Once, When I Was Dead

Brigitte Chambon – Behind the Bush

Best Super Short:

Who Lives There - Luc Sirois - Winner

M is for Mess

In the Ruins

El Dedo

Time Played

Best Animation: 

Mill at Calder's End - Kevin McTurk - Winner

Don’t Open ‘til Christmas

Death and The Iron Maiden


Mer Depre

Best Music Video: 

The Vulture - Amin Haghshenas - Winner

Theatre Noir: Robyn Cage

The Great Divide

People Need People

MindNine: Braincut

Best Student Short: 

A Teenage Drama - Phillip Clark Davis - Winner


Shopping for One



Dead Air

Everything for the Movies



Best Comedy: 

Artichokes Piranha from the Prehistoric Abyss - Javier Lozano Sanchez - Winner


Ties that Blind

The Barber’s Cut - Mark Brocking

In the Bag


Best Horror: 

Hush - Michael Kehoe - Winner

Smiling Man

Night Terrors



Honorable Mention in the Horror Category:

The Smiling Man - A.J. Briones

Honorable Mention in the Student Film Category:

Willa - Helena Hufnagel

Audience Choice Poster Artwork:

Jack is Pretty - Jarek Zabczynski

Audience Choice Feature:

Model Hunger - Debbie Rochon

Audience Choice Short:

The Red Balloon - Mark Blitch


Best Feature: 

The Boatman - Winner

Mr. Lockjaw

Model Hunger

The Divine Tragedies


Best Director: 

Byron Conrad Erwin – Mr. Lockjaw - Winner

Debbie Rochon – Model Hunger

Jose Prendes – The Divine Tragedies

Christina Raia – Summit

Greg Morgan – The Boatman

Best Screenplay:

The Red Man - Jimmie Gonzalez - Winner

Quad X: The Porn Movie Massacre

Killing Poe

Mr. Lockjaw


Best Cinematography: 

Kandiyohi - Winner





Best Sound: 

Summit - Colin Harrington - Winner

Entity - Jason Milstein & David DeLizza

Rows - Bernie Ozol & Studio Unknown

Fractional - Malcolm Deegan

Killing Poe

Best Soundtrack: 

Kandiyohi - Winner


Valley of the Sasquatch - Jon Bash


Entity - Patrick Wilson & David DeLizza

Best Editing:

Mr. Lockjaw - Winner

Dead Body - Ian Bell

The Red Man - Jimmie Gonzalez

Late Night Double Feature

Model Hunger 

Best SPFX: 

Mr. Lockjaw - Winner

Entity - Joseph Greig, Jr. & Michael Jaynes

Scrawl - Pooka Team

Dead Body - Shane Saucedo (FX) & AJ Rickert-Epstein (VFX)


Best Costumes: 

House of Oddities - Brian Cottington - Winner


Late Night Double Feature



Best Foreign Feature: 

Revenge - Winner





Best Actor: 

Holt Boggs - Entity - Winner

Troy Halverson – Mr. Lockjaw

Oscar Torre – The Boatman

Jean-Yves Bourgeois – Revenge

Peter O’ Toole – Fractional

Graham Denman – The Divine Tragedies

Best Supporting Actor: 

Daniel Faraldo - The Red Man - Winner

Mark Ashworth – Mr. Lockjaw

Eric Martinez – Sorrow

Rob Ceriello – Summit

David Saucedo – Valley of the Sasquatch

Jon Kondelik – The Divine Tragedies

Best Actress: 

Lynn Lowry - Model Hunger - Winner

Marie Delmas – Revenge

Caleigh LeGrande – Late Night Double Feature

Roxy Bugler – Malady

Vanessa Vasquez – Sorrow

Tirra Dent – Glass

Best Supporting Actress:  

Fiona Horrigan - In the Dark - Winner

Yvonne DeLa Rosa – The Boatman

Jill Connick – Malady

Tiffany Shepis – Model Hunger

Lindsey Naves – The Red Man

Barbara Crampton – The Divine Tragedies

Macabreite Award Winners 

The Best of the Best for 2015!