Live Performance with Highway Robbery 7:30pm

Official Selections

Film Schedule 2018

Friday - January 12, 2018

Friday Salon - A

​5:00pm – Deviant Behavior (Feature 75min)

6:20pm – Carmen’s Hamburgers (Short 14min)
6:45pm – Slapface (Short 8min)
7:00pm – Hell of a Night (Feature 84min)
8:40pm – Hell of a New Year (Short 23min)
9:15pm – Murder in the Woods (Feature 90mins)
11:00pm – Chad’s Dental Nightmare (Feature 76min)

MIDNIGHT HOUR – COMEDY ROAST WITH ANGIE HANSEN - This is not for the conservative individual who holds in a cackle.  Salon A

Friday Salon - B
5:00pm – A Hora (Short 14min)
5:15pm – Curse of the Fur Beast (Short 14min)
5:30pm – The Sin Reapers-Halloween (Short 9min)
5:45pm – A Room in Cairo (9 min)
6:15pm – Ready to Burst (Short 11min)
6:30pm – The Madame in Black (Short 24min)
7:00pm – Darker (9min)
7:15pm – Photokill (Short 20min)
8:00pm – The Gift (19min)
8:30pm – Bonne Personne (Short 10min)
8:45pm – Girl and a Scar (Short 15min)


9:30pm – The Ningyo (Short 27min)
10:00pm – The Devil’s Cut (Short 14min)
10:15pm – Your Date Is Here (Short 5min)

10:20pm – Walk With the Devil (Short 16min)
10:45pm – The Darker Hunger (Short 15min)
11:00pm - Santapocalypse (Short 5mins)

Friday Salon - C
5:00pm – Born of Sin (Short 9min)
5:15pm – In the Desert of Panacea (Short 6min)
5:30pm – Synchronous (Short 14min)
5:45pm – Blackout (Short 12min)
6:00pm – Crave (Short 9min)
6:15pm – Dead Color (Short 14min)
6:30pm – Fires – Chrispy (Short 4min)
6:35pm – Osteopathy (Short 17min)
6:55pm – Norma (Short 4min)
7:00pm – Of Men and Mice (Short 20min)
7:30pm – Nothing Like the Sun (Short 19min)
8:00pm – Lunch Time (Short 15min)
8:15pm – Lurker (Short 15min)

8:30pm – 9:00pm – SCREENING ROOM BREAK

9:00pm – Knock Out Game (Short 21min)
9:30pm – Sparkleville (Short 17min)
10:15pm – Sol (Short 14min)
10:30pm – The Lurking Man (Feature 90min)

Saturday - January 13, 2018

Saturday  Salon - A
12:00pm – The Keys (Short 17min)
12:20pm – It Happened Again Last Night (Short 13min)
12:45pm – Let’s Play Dead Girl (Short 24min)
1:20pm – A Dark Rome (Music Video)
1:25pm – Beneath (Short 10min)
1:50pm – Beautiful Injuries (9min)
2:00pm – Bullified (Short 20min)
2:30pm – The Moose Head Over the Mantel (Feature 89min)
4:15pm – Let It Die (Short 5min)
4:25pm – Red Sweat (Short 24min)
5:00pm – Ronald (Short 8min)
5:15pm – 16 Mins (Short 16min)

Salon A Closes Due To Red Carpet Gala Event

Saturday Salon - B

12:00pm – Dead City (Short 8min)
12:15pm – Don’t Turn Me Off (Short6min)
12:30pm – Gnaw (Feature 99min)
2:15pm – Osteopathy (Short 17min)
2:30pm – A Peculiar Thud (Short 13min)
3:00pm – Bestia (Short 8min)
3:15pm – An Ambitious Man (Short 17min)
3:45pm – Coming Home (Short 16min)
4:00pm – Ghost Walks (Short 15min)
4:15pm – Redneck Zombie (Short 10min)
4:30pm – Stained (Short 10min)
4:45pm – Justice Served (Short 13min)

5:00pm – 6:30pm SCREENING ROOM BREAK

6:30pm – A Hora (Short 14min)
7:00pm – The Madame in Black (Short 24min)
7:30pm – Girl and a Scar (Short 15min)
7:45pm – Ready to Burst (Short 11min)
8:00pm – Bonne Personne (Short 10min)
8:15pm – The Ningyo (Short 24min)
8:45pm – Curse of the Fur Beast (Short 14min)
9:00pm – The Darker Hunger (Short 15min)
9:15pm – Santapocalypse (Short 5min)
9:20pm – Alfred J Hemlock (Short 14min)
9:45pm – Sol (Short 14min)
10:00pm – Lunch Time (Short 15min)
10:15pm – In the Desert of Panacea (Short 6min)
10:25pm – Synchronous (Short 14min)
10:45pm – Dead Color (Short 14min)

Saturday Room C
12:00pm – Up and Arise (Short 22min)
12:30pm – Transmission (Short 18min)
1:00pm – Vexed (Short 13min)
1:15pm – Unto Death (Short 8min)
1:25pm – Earworm (Short 5min)
1:30pm – Flesh of Brigitte (Short 9min)
1:45pm – Creatures of Whitechapel (Short 25min)
2:15pm – Simon Says (Short 9min)
2:30pm – Repossessed (Short 10min)
2:45pm – Spirit Stone (Short 6min)
3:00pm – Worms (Short 15min)
3:25pm – The Candle (Short 9min)
3:45pm – Your Date is Here (Short 6min)
3:55pm – An Artist’s Statement (Short 2min)
4:00pm – Mom (Short 15min)
4:15pm – The Snowman’s Hat (Animation 3min)
4:20pm – Pulse (Short 6min)
4:30pm – Mannesquin (Short 4min)
4:40pm – Hada (Short 9min)


6:30pm – Nothing Like the Sun (Short 19min)
7:00pm – Born of Sin (Short 9min)
7:15pm – Blackout (Short 12min)
7:30pm – Crave (Short 9min)
7:40pm – Fires – Chrispy (Short 4min)
7:45pm – Norma (Short 4min)
7:50pm – Darker (Short 9min)
8:00pm – Carmen’s Hamburgers (Short 14min)
8:30pm – The Claire Wizard Thesis (Feature 76min)

Red Carpet Awards Dinner Gala / Crystal Ballroom 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Red Carpet Interviews Only - 5:30pm - 7:30pm (Dinner at 8:00pm)



Sunday - January 14, 2018

Sunday Salon - A
12:00pm – Justice Served (Short 13min)
12:15pm – Coming Home (Short 16min)
12:35pm – Photokill (Short 20min)
1:00pm – Knock Out Game (Short 21min)
1:30pm – Hablar Con Los Muertos (Feature 97min)
3:20pm – Walk With the Devil (Short 16min)
3:45pm – A Room in Cairo (Short 9min)
4:00pm – It Happened Again Last Night (Short 13min)
4:25pm – Creatures of Whitechapel (Short 25min)
4:50pm – Sparkleville (Short 17min)
5:10pm – Alfred J Hemlock (Short 14min)
5:25pm – Spirit Stone (Short 5min)
5:30pm – The Candle (Short 9min)
5:40pm – Earworm (Short 5min)
5:45pm – Repossessed (Short 10min)

6:30pm - Wrap Up Discussion & Audience Choice Awards

Sunday Salon - B

12:00pm – Dead City (Short 8min)
12:15pm – Let It Die (Short 5min)
12:25pm – Flesh of Brigitte (Short 9min)
12:45pm – Ghost Walks (Short 15min)
1:00pm – A Peculiar Thud (Short 13min)
1:25pm – Let’s Play Dead Girl (Short 24min)
2:00pm – Beneath (Short 10min)
2:20pm – Beautiful Injuries (Short 9min)
2:30pm – An Ambitious Man (Short 17min)
2:55pm – A Dark Rome (Music Video)
3:00pm – 16 Mins (Short 16min)
3:20pm – Simon Says (Short 9min)
3:40pm – Bullified (Short 20min)
4:10pm – Lurker (Short 15min)
4:35pm – Mom (Short 15min)
4:50pm – Bestia (Short 8min)
5:15pm – Worms (Short 15min)
5:30pm – Unto Death (Short 8min)
5:40pm – The Snowman’s Hat (Animation 3min)
5:45pm – Pulse (Short 6min)
5:50pm – Don’t Turn Me Off (Short 6min)

Sunday Salon - C
12:00pm – Hada (Short 9min)
12:15pm – Up and Arise (Short 22min)
12:40pm – the Artist’s Statement (Short 2min)
12:45pm – Slapface (Short 8min)
1:00pm – The Keys (Short 17min)
1:25pm – Mannesquin (Short 4min)
1:30pm – Vexed (Short 13min)
1:45pm – The Devil’s Cut (Short 14min)
2:00pm – The Gift (Short 19min)
2:30pm – Hell of a New Year (Short 23min)
3:00pm – The Sin Reapers-Halloween (Short 9min)
3:15pm – Red Sweat (Short 24min)
3:50pm – Ronald (Short 8min)
4:00pm – Of Men and Mice (Short 20min)
4:20pm - The Follower (Feature 79min)
5:50pm – Redneck Zombie (Short 10min)
6:00pm – Transmission (Short 18min)
6:20pm – Stained (Short 10min)

Panels & Workshops 

Salon D 

6:00 pm - Festival Submission Do’s & Dont’s: Elsie Martinez Ginsberg 

2:30pm - Festival Submission Do’s & Dont’s: Elsie Martinez Ginsberg 

12:15pm - Festival Submission Do’s & Dont’s: Elsie Martinez Ginsberg 
3:00pm - Horror Screenwriting: Scott Perry & Lee Kolinsky 

Salon E 

8:30pm - Filmmaking On a Budget: Jeremiah Kipp, Patrick Devaney & Jerry Landi 

2:00pm - SPFX & Makeup: Beatrice Sniper
3:00pm - Latin Filmmaking: Christian Moran, Edwin Pagan "" & Jason Delgado



12:00pm - The Film Reel: The Art of Cinematography: Phil Kral, Jill Poisson & Manny Serrano 
2:00pm - Prop Building: Michael Scardillo, Nelson Viella, & Dennis Carter 

Salon F - Holbrook Room 

7:00pm - Women in Horror: Jill Poisson, Lindsay Serrano, Lowrie Fawley, Shiva Rodriguez & Angie Hansen 

Sunday 1:00pm - Fears Mag Final Notes: Joseph Mauceri

7:00pm - End of Festival for 2018!