Panels 2017

Friday, Jan. 13

"The Chop Shop - Editing with Style" - 9:00pm - Holbrook Room

Presented by: Filmmaker - Dave Campfield "Caesar & Otto's Deadly XMas"

​"Doing the Homework Before Filming Begins" - 6:00pm - Holbrook Room

Presented by: Filmmaker - Lindsay Serrano "Theta States"

Saturday, Jan. 14

"What it Means to Support Indie Filmmaking" - 12:30pm -- Holbrook Room
Presented by: Festival Judge - Todd Staruch

​"Crowdfunding to Build Independence Workshop" - 1:00pm -

2nd Floor Lounge

Presented by: Filmmaker - Christina Raia "Hello"

"Finding the Villain Within Actors Workshop" - 1:45pm - Holbrook Room

Presented by Actor - Jasson Finney​​

"Fantastic Films: Ignore Current Issues?" - 2:45pm -

2nd Floor Lounge

Discuss the role of fantastic films in collective soul and their influence in our way to see society.

Presented by Filmmaker - Luigi Abanto Varese

"Women In Film" - 3:15pm - Holbrook Room

Lindsay Serrano, Jennifer Valdes, Gail Wisun-Gooch,

Kelly Rae LeGault, Debra Markowitz, Beatrice Sniper, Deana Demko, and Christina Raia

Sunday, Jan. 15

"Cinematography" - 12:00pm - Holbrook Room

Presented by - Filmmakers:

Manny Serrano "Theta States" &

Patrick Devaney "Impervia" & "Slingspeare"

"Casting from Both Sides - A Director & CD's Perspective to Low Budget Union, and Non-Union Casting" - 1:30pm -

2nd Floor Lounge

Presented by - Filmmaker: Debra Markowitz

"Make-Up SPFX Demo" - 2:00pm - Holbrook Room

Presented by SPFX Artist - Beatrice Sniper

"Submitting to a Film Festival - 101" - 3:30pm - 2nd Floor Lounge

Presented by - Festival Director: Elsie "LC Macabre" M. Ginsberg

Special Screening of "Appetence" - (15mins) - Directed by: Cristhian Andrews - 4:30pm - Holbrook Room