Writer: Paul Cenzoprano (US)

Running Time: (Short Screenplay)

A mom manipulates her “hunger-for-fame” idealistic daughter to stop eating to save the world, but not without consequences.

Anadir Contacto

Director: David Oeo (Spain)

Running Time: 4 min

Like every weekend, Jaime returns home after a party, but this time, it will take a little longer to get there.

A Gift

Director: Yiqiong Li (Student Film) (CA)

Running Time: 17 min

Jack wants to steal money and valuable things from Margaret’s house. But Margaret, a blind elderly woman, is at home and talks with Jack as if he is her son but will that be enough to keep the police away?



Director: Tobias Tobbell (UK)

Running Time: 7 min

A young couple update their home invasion nightmare via social media as a quiet night in turns into carnage.


Director: Lance J. Reha (NY)

Running Time: 17 min

When we meet the man simply known as 'Black', we quickly learn of his struggle against the addiction that's controlling his life. But after losing faith in others to understand his problem, he slowly begins to unravel, showing glimpses of his old ways. 

A Monster Called Charles

Director: Richard Paris Wilson (UK)

Running Time: 15 min

The story of a Boy who lives in a caravan park with his Mother, and a Monster who lives in a nearby woods.

A Snot Adventure

Director: Ning Cheng (Animation) (NY)

Running Time: 4 min

A little boy who is sick and plays with his snot in a imaginary world.


Director: Patricio Marin Avelar (Mexico)

Running Time: 11 min

The path Bruno has been driving for over 10 hours, slowly becomes tedious and strange each passing mile, causing his memories and sub-conscious to betray him on a road that doesn’t appear to have a way out.


Director: Luigi Abanto Varese (Spain)

Running Time: 18 min)

Miguel is a former war photographer. Albert, who works in the morgue allows Miguel to take photos of dead women for his personal photographic project.

2 Guys 1 Box

Director: Edward X. Young (NJ)

Running Time: 11 min

2 desperadoes abduct a prostitute and pressure her into revealing secrets of a magic box that can open a gateway to inconceivable power.

A Wheel Out of Kilter

Director: Ross Morin (CT)

Running Time: 87 min

A Zen Buddhist mountain biker on the verge of a nervous breakdown goes into the woods and never returns in this genre mashup of character drama, philosophical documentary, buddy comedy and psychological horror film.