Director: Kevin McGuiness

Running Time: 3 min

In the dimly lit parlour of an old Victorian home, a timid son carries on a conversation with his elderly mother, asking for her advice about a mysterious young woman. She lovingly offers her maternal wisdom and imparts her insight with grace and compassion, but there is only one problem…she’s been dead for years.


Director: Seve Schelenz (Canada)

Running Time: 95 min

A small town strip club owner must defend her bar, her strippers and her life when violent infected patrons show up on the final closing night.

Patient 62

Director: Bryce Schlamp (Canada)

Running Time: 80 min

Wracked by nightmares as he searches for his estranged sister, Lucas Chance stumbles upon a ring of human trafficking and genetic experimentation only to realize the dreams he’s having are not his own.

Night Terrors

Director: Aiden Devaney (NY)

Running Time: 7 min

Found footage short about Ashlee, a psychology graduate student, who has recently begun to experience night terrors. She begins to keep a video dream journals to help work through the problem, but they reveal that there is something more sinister going on.

Object Permanence

Director: Nelson Hernandez (FL)

Running Time: 9 min

A man finds himself in an increasingly frightening and familiar situation when a shadowy organization recruits him for what's assured to be a simple job.

2017 Film Fest Official Selections

Night Shadows

Directors: Ivan Viaranchyk & Bat-Ami Rivlin (Animation) (NY)

Running Time: 8 min

In a dark, old victorian city, a young doctor is summoned by a mysterious coachman to attend a patient in need. Rushing to meet his client, the Doctor finds himself taking a dreadful journey to his own personal nightmare.


Director: Yoshi Kazu Ysa (Student Film) (MO)

Running Time: 7 min

A business man faces a tough deal he cannot ignore.

Out of the Darkness

Director: Noella Borie (Animation) (US)

Running Time: 9 min

Neil, 11, wakes up alone in a strange and dark room FACELESS. He doesn’t remember what happened to him. He desperately tries to find a way out of the room but without any success. He’s trapped! But Neil realizes he’s not alone in the room.

My Little Sister

Director: Maurizio Del Piccolo & Roberto Del Piccolo (Italy)

Running Time: 76 min

When Igor was young, he lost his father because of his little sister. He will grow up trying to find his own way of giving a new face to his past.

Midnight Walk

Director: Mathilde Nocquet

Running Time: 4 min

Midnight, hidden by sunglasses and a badass vinyl disguise, a mysterious brunette is looking for her victim. Plunged into darkness, a car park is the stage of her next murder.