Jet Set L.A.

Director: Colin Lawrence (CA) 

Running Time: 10 min

A young couple decides to stay in a bed and breakfast during their first big trip to Los Angeles, unaware that a sundry of horrors awaits them.


Director: Sebastien Vanicek  

Running Time: 13 min



Director: Patrick Devaney (World Premiere) (NY) 

Running Time: 34 min

A poor, interracial family lives at the border of the wealthy city they used to be a part of. Barely surviving on their own, in the only house within hundreds of miles, they are confronted by the authorities of the new government and given significantly bad news. 

Mauvaises Tetes (Bad Heads)

Director: Rebekah Fieschi (CT) 

Running Time: 15 min

A story of an odd woman, Jenny, who loses her mind in the search for love and decides to create her own lover.

2017 Film Fest Official Selection

Madre de Dios (Mother of God)

Director: Gigi Saul Guerrero (Canada) 

Running Time: 7 min

A woman wakes up bound to an altar, helpless as she is transformed into a flesh and blood statue of Santa Muerte by two elderly Brujos whose sole purpose is to conjure the anti-Christ into our plane of existence.


Director: Steve Duchesne (Paris, France) 

Running Time: 17 min

In a house in the middle of nowhere, Jason made the discovery of a cookbook hidden in his attic. Later, when he decided to prepare a delicious meal for his wife Marie, things do not go as planned ... A ghost took possession.

Laid to Rest

Director: Jennifer Valdes (NY) 

Running Time: 8 min

A glimpse into the world of a ghost girl trapped in purgatory at the cemetery. Frozen in time and stuck in a moment, she explores a relationship gone horribly wrong, a shattered psyche and the give and take of this strange world of ours.

In this Economy

Director: Ty Huffer (WA) 

Running Time: 9 min

An underfunded entrepreneur will do anything to get his one of a kind app developed. He has zero issues going to morbid lengths to pay rent to his demon landlord.

Mexican Flamenco

Director: Nur Rubio (Mexico) 

Running Time: 9 min

Flamenco and Mexico meet each other in this scary video through La Catrina -a fancy skeleton- and La Llorona -the most famous mexican ghost who searches every night for her dead children


Director: William Collins (TX) 

Running Time: 87 min

The crew of a local horror movie showcase, used to broadcasting creepy stories of heinous killers, finds themselves trapped with a real killer among them.

Love Eternal

Director: Matthew Forte (NY) 

Running Time: 6 min

Dracula and Mina, after many years together, are still deeply in love. But a fearsome and familiar face from the past threatens to tear Dracula and Mina's immortal love apart.