Director: Christina Raia (NY)

Running Time: 8 min

A lonely soul attempts to make a connection with a visiting stranger, but her intentions don't quite match his interpretations.

Hatten Bit (Dodal)

Director: Baroque Scipio (Student Film) (CA)

Running Time: 15min

Missy ruins her estranged twin sister's wedding by uncovering truths and wearing an obnoxious hat.

Fils "Son"

Director: Cyrus Neshvad (Luxemberg)

Running Time: 15min

Sébastien, who cannot come to terms with his son being in a coma, begins to question his reality.

Disturbances: Let Me Inside You

Director: Katie Carman-Lehach (NY)

Running Time: 7 min

The honeymoon, the happiest time of a newlywed's life...right? Mail-order bride Ileana is hungry for lunch, but not her husband Roger's affections. Will Roger get the best of his new wife's love, or will a mischievous ghost get the best of them first? 

IL Principio Del Male

Director: Stefano Santoro (Trailer) (UK)

Running Time: 2 min 

Trailer about the new thriller by Stefano Tura, writer and journalist from Italy.

2017 Film Fest Official Selections

Easter Sunday

Director: Jeremy Morehead (US)

Running Time: 95 min

An evil spirit is resurrected in the form of a Man in a bunny outfit with an axe at a bonfire 20 years after facing the local Sheriff to slaughter the innocent kids who brought him back to life before they send him back to hell for good.

Devil's Work

Director: John Rodas (MA)

Running Time: 13 min

A psychotic man with mysterious powers chases after his ex-wife who no longer loves him. His twisted fantasy of rekindling their romance haunts him right into his grave.

Dinner Time

Director: Matthew Borrello (Student Film) (NJ)

Running Time: 13 min

Nathan, who desperately tries to resupply the freezer before his returns home and sees that he has eaten the last of the food. However, there are endless interruptions that prevent Nathan from reaching his goal.


Director: Kevan Tucker (CA)

Running Time: 13 min

A model on a photo shoot is asked to cut off parts of her body by a demanding photographer.


Director: Cati Gonzalez (NY)

Running Time: 80 min

A love story between two drifters, a naive teenager and a hustler and the runaway journey to New York City.