A Great Divide

Director: Richard J Piedra 

Running Time: 5min

Official music video for Carmen and Camille's new single "A Great Divide".

Don't Open 'til Christmas

Director: Colleen Newell

Running Time: 3min

A brother and sister are tempted to open their Christmas gifts early and learn the consequences.


Director: Christopher McKee

Running Time: 11min

A young woman eases her pains in the hands of the wrong idea.


Director: Stephane Roquet

Running Time: 74min

It is above all a kind of urban western with pure and brutal action.

Dead Body

Director: Bobbin Ramsey

Running Time: 79min

Ramon Isao's script beautifully captures the struggles of teenage angst and anxiety in our American society in a way that is ridiculous, extreme and terrifying. We have made a movie that on the surface looks like the most standard horror trope imaginable; a group of high school students go to a remote cabin in the woods and begin being killed. However, what makes this movie (unique/important) is that it intentionally uses the trope to subvert the way we watch horror, and how the genre functions in this industry.

Black Moon

Director: Gallien Guibert

Running Time: 14min

Early 19th century. An island. Three men. A long walk through the night.


Director: Karen Nielsen

Running Time: 10min

Grace is a captivating story that explores not only what an adult would do to survive in an apocalyptic world, but what a child would do. Are 9 year olds really too naïve and innocent to make it through an apocalypse or does their perceived innocence give them the upper hand.


Director: Malcolm Deegan

Running Time: 92min

Part Thriller part Horror it draws you into the dark world of John Hatchett and David Crowe.  We are dropped into an atmospheric world dominated by these two characters, both with shady pasts of their own, but both intent upon playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse. It is left to the audience to decide which person is truly more evil. Only at the end will the truth come to light. 

The Indestructible

Director: Kalen Artinian

Running Time: 15min

“THE INDESTRUCTIBLE” deals with several issues that are very relevant today. The film discusses bullying, mental illness, peer pressure, religion, glorification of violence, the military industrial complex and many more issues affecting us.


Director: Jeffrey Turboff

Running Time: 20min

Jimbo has been a passion project for me which began in March of 2014 as a curious seed concept, "What if those voices some killers hear in their heads were an objective phenomenon?"

In The Ruins

Director: Florian Frerichs

Running Time: 5min

When Ayden (Bruno Eyron) arrives at a deserted church in the forest, he meets the strange Doctor Faber (David Gant) who offers him some food, if Ayden promises to provide the next meal. While both men are having a BBQ, a young girl (Xenia Assenza) enters the church, searching for her sister. Dr. Faber offers her some food, if she promises to provide the next meal.

The Choice

Director: Annamaria Lorusso

Running Time: 21min

​Eric, a man in despair, is dragged into an erotic, insane and violent journey during which he came to a crossroads. Only choice is living or dying.

Mr. Lockjaw

Director: Byron Conrad Erwin

Running Time: 59min

Finishing shoots on schedule, working with talented actors, and having limited restrictions made this one of the most rewarding experiences for me personally. Even though we worked with such a small budget, the results speak for themselves. Mr. Lockjaw is truly a force to be reckoned with! 



Director: Bryan Stumpf

Running Time: 21min

Inspired by the experience, Bryan went on to write screenplays that received awards, and he also plunged into producing and directing, with a horror comedy he wrote, Annulment, about a recently divorced couple who must “make nice” and get along to survive hordes of zombie-like humans, infected by a pandemic. The script was partially based on Bryan’s real-life experiences…more the divorce part than the zombie part.

Robyn Cage- "Theatre Noir" Music Video

Director: Andrea Peterson

Running Time: 6min

Telling stories growing up was natural for me, but with a visual and aural focus. It could be through dance, trumpet, or even writing. I don’t just hear music; I see it. It’s more than just eighth notes and dramatic crescendos; it’s the war and fall of a Russian empire and a soldier’s last march to battle. A dance isn’t just a mixture of glissade derrières and arabesques, it is a passionate lovers pas de deux. 


Director: Elizabeth Kedrick

Running Time: 5min

A woman tries to escape her reality.


Director: Ben Fraternale

Running Time: 15min

A small-time private investigator with a heart of gold stumbles onto a life-changing case.


Director: Helen Curran

Running Time: 14min  Student Film

Belgium - France border, May 1940 
A psychological horror set during the British retreat to Dunkirk, WWII. Severely injured Sergeant Thompson finds himself at the mercy of inexperienced Private Barnes. Trapped with no resources, both must survive until Barnes can dig them out.


Director: Peter Hearn

Running Time: 82min

With SCRAWL, we wanted to create a new mythos, like the classic horror films of the late 70's and 80's, creating a set of iconic characters to scare a new generation but also to entertain.

Era Of Man

Director: Matt Mirams

Running Time: 10min

When a car belonging to a trio of amateur kidnappers breaks down in the middle of the Australian countryside, they think what harm can come by letting their hostage out to stretch her legs.