Lee Kolinsky

Junkie Heaven

Send No Flowers

Debbie Rochon

Nightmare Box, Tales of Poe, Model Hunger 

Guest cancellations may occur due to filming obligations or illness.

Michael Yurinko

Screenplay Competition Winner

"Impuratus" at MFFF2016


Eileen Dietz

The Exorcist, Planet of the Apes,

General Hospital

Lauren Lakis

Rows, Other Halves, Stalker,

Lovely Molly

   James Balsamo

               Hack Job, I Spill Your Guts,              Bite School & Guest Judge

James Christopher

Twitchy Dolphins Films

Quad X, DisAssociationVille,

​Abram's Hand

Robert Snyder

The Bag

Keil Troisi

Human Resources, Catch & Release, Hangman's Ball

Christina Raia


Patrick Devaney

Guest Judge

Zombie Hunters, Aemorraghe

Scott W. Perry

Creator of the "In Fear Of" Series, Once When I Was Dead

Andres R. Zabala

A Dark Rome

Best Thriller for 2015

Orok Duke Jr.

Awaiting Lazarus

The Blob

Only 5 vials with Bloblet pieces for sale and other memorabilia!

Paula Spurr


Joseph Halsey

Junkie Heaven, Law and Order,

Guiding Light

Jimmie Gonzalez

The Red Man

Father Evil 

Because we felt like it!

David Warfield

Rows, Ocean Park, Linewatch,

Kill Me Again

Rusty Gilligan

Walking Dead, Heavy Metal,

​Night of the Living Dead

Jasson Finney

Being Human, Gotham,


Jeffrey Turboff 



John Flynn


Caycee Black


Sanjeev Surati   

​Zombie Casserole, Spammer,


Edward X Young

Mold, Mr. Hush, Apex Rising,

Green Monster

Matthew Forte

Anna, The Sin Reapers,

Wednesday's Children: Christina

Santa Claus

Because he's AWESOME!

Kalen Artinian

Hellvetica, Ruby's Secret,

The Indestructible

Hannah Schick


Thomas Ryan

Day 9 & Faces

Best Actor for 2015

Kris Yeaworth

The Blob - 1958

Son of Director  Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. 

Margaret Orr

Mer Depre

Fiona Horrigan

In The Dark

Justin Timms

The Skin

Grace Hathaway


Quad X: The Porn Movie Massacre

Ben Fraternale


Jodi Draigie

The House on Sorority Row

Brian Cottington House of Oddities: The Story of the Atrocity Exhibition 

Chris Zarb


Jennifer Valdes

Jack 'O' Slasher, Isabella,

To Love Is To Die & Guest Judge

Philip Snyder

The Bag


Jarek Zabczynski

Jack Is Pretty

Elizabeth V. Kedrick